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Modern day street peddler. Hangzhou, China 2013

Enthusiastic sales girl. Beijing, China 2011

Window dressing. Beijing, China 2006

Endangered species in an endangered place. Airport Smoking Room, Yunnan, China 2011

The Great Wall of China. Badaling, China 2010

Street performer. Beijing, China 2007

Cao Li. Lugu Hu, Yunnan Province, China 2011

Snake charmer. Beijing, China 2009

Hostesses. Hangzhou, China 2013

Recycling. Hangzhou, China 2013

Bridal piggyback. Beijing, China 2008

Harbin, China 2012

Big Ice and Snow World. Harbin, China 2011

Harbin, China 2013

Winter amusement ride. Harbin, China 2013

Tourist with lucky foxes. Harbin, China 2011

Government retirement home for farmers. Hebei Province, China 2006

Hebei Province, China 2006

Laiyuan, Hebei Province, China 2008

Village family portrait. Laiyuan, Hebei province, China 2008

Chinese tourist and a creature of the sea. Beidaihe, China 2007

Work crew. Hangzhou, China 2013

Innovative street merchant. Beijing, China 2008

Traditional Wedding, Hangzhou, China

Beijing, China 2011

Hangzhou, China 2013

Freshly steamed mantou. Harbin, China 2012

Harbin, China 2012

Outdoor market shopping. Harbin, China 2012

Outdoor fashion show. Beijing, China 2011

Opening gala event for bread store. Hangzhou, China 2014

Butcher shop. Hangzhou, China 2013

Confucius Temple, Beijing, China 2011

One child policy. Zhejiang Province, China 2012

Beijing, China 2009

Beijing, China 2007

Train station. Hangzhou, China 2013

Zhang Yan, Beijing, China 2006

Lijiang,Yunnan Province, China 2011

Lugu Hu. Yunnan Province, China 2011

Yuyuantan Park, Beijing, China 2009

Monkey business, Guangzhou, China 2014